Interview: Juliette Binoche on Endless Night

Interview: Juliette Binoche on Endless Night

She’s worked everywhere from Paris to New York, blockbuster to art house, Leos Carax to Gareth Edwards. Is there anything that the famously versatile Juliette Binoche cannot do? With her new film, Endless Night (now playing around Australia), it appears so.

Shot in the snowy wilderness of Bulgaria and Norway as well as a studio on the Spanish island of Tenerife, Endless Night finds Binoche playing real life figure Josephine Peary. Wife of famous Arctic explorer Robert Peary, in 1908 Josephine embarked on a journey across Greenland to find her husband.

Binoche, who has had parts written specially for her by directors like Olivier Assayas (Clouds of Sils Maria, Summer Hours), said in an email interview that director Isabel Coixet (My Life Without Me, Elegy, Learning to Drive) was a major influence for joining the project.

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Dylan Reeve on the stranger-than-fiction truth of Tickled

Dylan Reeve on the stranger-than-fiction truth of Tickled

It starts in the simplest of places, and ends up in the most unbelieveable. Back in 2014, popular New Zealand entertainment journalist David Farrier stumbled across a video of Competitive Endurance Tickling. Finding that the organisation behind the videos were less than open and cooperative, he decided to investigate further with friend Dylan Reeve, who has an extensive career in post-production. Their investigation, which takes them to the US and back in a wild and at times dangerous pursuit of the story, is the subject of the documentary Tickled (out August 18 in Australia from Vendetta Films. The film is at once hilarious and horrifying, one that goes in such unpredictable directions it makes for a nervous watch. I recently spoke with Reeve, who is based in New Zealand, over the phone about social media mysteries, real-life sequels, and what it’s like to be asked questions about Donald Trump while promoting a film about tickling.

I just wanted to first say that the film’s so fantastic and it’s so stressful, I think you might have made the best horror film of the year.


Yeah. It wasn’t what we imagined, obviously, or at least I don’t think it was. It’s interesting how it turned out, it’s so far away from what we thought we were getting into.


Well I guess at the start it looked like it was going to be some sort of quirky subculture.


Well, by the time we knew we were making the film I don’t think we thought it was just a subculture. It was going to be this investigative thing. But I thought we thought it was going… early on we thought we were making a 40 or 50 minute thing for Vimeo, so we didn’t have grand visions about how it was going to turn out. It wasn’t until we started diving right into it did we realise how it was shaping up.

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