Alien: Covenant

A little Garden of Eden parable, with a little The Island of Dr Moreau for good effect. We know by now that mankind is more frightening than any animal, that despite the fact that the colonial Covenant mission is trying to find habitable space to replace Earth they will inevitably do the same to their new home as they did to the old. They will make mistakes in their journey to uncharted territory that feel frustratingly obvious (the lack of Hazmat suits being one of them), for they’re precautions meticulously taken in every other sci-fi film. Ridley Scott often feels like he’s making three movies in one – part questioning the reality of meeting one’s maker, part colonialism cautionary tale, part high-stakes escape mission – that all feels too rushed to possibly fully draw out the tension or full potential of each plotline. Each part feels so disconnected that when a character (for example, Daniels played by Katherine Waterson) meets up with another (Michael Fassbender’s clones David and Walter) they often feel like they are running through the sets of different movies. Some segments are leaden with cartoonish self-seriousness, a jolt of playfulness would go a long way. But in the end, this is Adam and Eve, and eventually the once utopian paradise will fight back.


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