Lego Batman: The Movie

If The Lego Movie felt like a playful and original completion of the task of engineering a new franchise from nothing more than brightly coloured bricks that allow children to build their own imagined worlds, this new Batman spin off is the opposite. Lego Batman: The Movie feels like its predecessor’s more blatantly product-placed counterpart, an excuse for Warner Brothers to parade every property from The Matrix to Harry Potter into its burgeoning franchise. If anything, it’s refreshing to see a film about the orphaned caped crusader that isn’t stony-faced serious – in fact, it’s so conscious of this that it becomes the entire film. Where the first film was an excitingly irreverent sugar rush, slightly more enjoyable for grown ups than children, and distilled what was essentially the plot of 1984 into an animated movie where the majority of the audience is under the age of ten; the spin-off is somewhat of a one-joke pony – Batman is FUNNY now, and he has to learn about family after the city is finally saved to stop him going crazy unlike every other installment. It’s a plot that would make a fun short, but at 100 minutes feels like a broken record. A high-point is Ralph Fiennes, against type as Batman’s faithful butler Alfred.



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