Praise for daring to do something different with The Scottish Play is entirely deserved in the first instance, let alone one that manages to be this bracing. Justin Kurzel’s Macbeth is not one for purists, one with more than a high school English class inflicted knowledge of Shakespeare is bound to find frustrating inaccuracies. The original text is not a playbook, instead its a starting point. Kurzel’s Macbeth is not one for simple convention and remake, but of interpretation. Gone are the opulent interiors of Polanski’s classic adaptation, instead the 11th century Scotland here is one of extreme elements – orange skies, extreme storms, blood-soaked lands, all stunningly shot by Adam Arkapaw. Brought to life in memorable performances by Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, and even in a brief performance by Elizabeth Debicki, its Macbeth, but bloodier and more unhinged than ever before.

Rating: 4/5


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