“It’s only afterwards it becomes anything like a story at all”.

Plenty of nights I don’t have time to watch a new film, because I can’t sit down and pay as much attention as I want to to it. So instead, I put on a film I’ve seen before (sometimes many times) to have on in the background as I study or whatever. It suits me more than music, because then I don’t want to dance or change the album every two minutes because I can never decide on a particular genre or whatever. It’s something more constant that I don’t have to change for 90 or so minutes (or a lot more, if I’m watching something like Laurence Anyways for the millionth time). Tonight, I’m sitting down with my French homework and my assignments in front of Stories We Tell, a film that is in the ranks of semi-frequent, comfort watches over the past two years or so, and one that hasn’t really left my mind in that time. Like the rest of my frequent watches, another viewing of this doesn’t feel much like a countless rewatch anymore. It feels much more lived in, more like a catch up with old friends.

I think this film, along with Take This Waltz, is what really started my interest in Canadian cinema. That, however, is another discussion.





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