A character everyone loves to hate – Margot (Take This Waltz)

“Her narrative trajectory is best summarized by a sequence that bookends the film, one that, while a flash forward to the point in time at the end of the film, is also representative of the entrance point as well. In her kitchen, she makes muffins. The room is small, homely looking, with orange light bathing the whole scene in a warm glow. While it’s somewhat idyllic, there’s an unease about the scene, a discontentment. You can tell it’s hot, the kind of heat drenched with humidity that results in a muggy, heavy feeling, where everything feels restrictive and claustrophobic. A man walks into the shot, blurred, not acknowledging Margot. Both the beginning and the end of Margot’s narrative, the feeling that defines her journey at both ends of the film is present here – the feeling of restlessness, of dissatisfaction.”

Read the rest of my essay over at An Online Universe.


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