What We Did On Our Holiday (2014)

It’s rare the magic of a film lives on beyond its first watch. It’s a conundrum that’s even more prevalent for What We Did On Our Holiday, as the entire film hinges on an element of surprise – children saying all kinds of weird and wacky things (the film is based on the TV show Outnumbered, which adopted the same technique). The result, however, is a film that’s as sweet as the first-assignment-of-the-school-year title suggests, but one that is entirely hilarious and continues to be so, even with rewatch after rewatch. It’s a success that largely depends on the expertise of the performers – directors Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin mostly let them breathe naturally – in particular the three young leads (Bobby Smalldridge, Emilia Jones, Harriet Turnball), which confidently carry a film which also features the seasoned talents Rosamund Pike and Billy Connolly. If children improvising and saying silly things is not something you can stand, don’t even attempt this. But if you can, a delightful and hilarious surprise is waiting for you.

Rating: 4.5/5


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