Real or staged? Force Majeure director and producer react to their Oscar snub

In a batch of nominations that were full of surprises, one of the most surprising absences was that of Swedish drama Force Majeure (which came out in Australia late last year, and won Best Foreign Language Film at the Critics’ Choice Awards yesterday), about an upset family dynamic after an avalanche at the resort they’re staying at in the French Alps, with particular focus on how the event effects their patriarch and his idea of masculinity. It’s not often you get a glimpse at the moment that the whole awards season either falls together or apart for someone and how that might feel, and today director Ruben Ostlund and his producer Erik Hemmendorff have (clearly as a homage to the “ultimate man cry” that’s in the film) posted a video of them at the moment their film’s name was not called, complete with “worst man cry ever” in the description. Is it real, or is it staged? I’ve heard that the film is very darkly comic and uncomfortable, and this video is similar to a scene from the film itself, so I tend to fall in the latter category. Regardless, it’s a fascinating, genuine, and uncomfortably funny watch. What do you think?


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