“Survivial rate in the field is 50%” – First trailer and behind the scenes photo for WWII series X Company

Evelyne Brochu (Aurora), Jack Laskey (Alfred), and Connor Price (Harry) on the set of X Company.

If I had to choose an actor who I believe has the most potential to become a big star in 2015 and beyond (that’s not Tatiana Maslany), I would undoubtedly pick Evelyne Brochu, whose most widely seen role is as Delphine, an immunologist with dubious alliances, on Orphan Black. Brochu has long been a star in mainly French language cinema and television in Canada, working with Jean-Marc Vallee, Xavier Dolan, and Denis Villeneuve, talents who have since broken into indie film in the US very successfully. She’s an incredibly passionate performer, and because of her background in dance, something that is so unique is her ability to really utilise movement and body language, like in this scene from Cafe de Flore. She may not have any dialogue, but pretty much all you need to know about her character Rose’s personality is communicated in these 40 or so seconds.

…but enough fangirling for now 😛

Before she returns to TV weekly in season 3 of Orphan Black though, she can be seen next in the upcoming period drama series X Company, which centers around Camp X, the real life espionage training facility in Canada during World War II, which connected Britain and US when the latter was forbidden to be directly involved in World War II. Roald Dahl (yes, British children’s writer Roald Dahl) trained at the camp, and there are reports that James Bond creator Ian Fleming did too. It’s an interesting piece of wartime history that I hadn’t heard of before now, and one that I can’t wait to find out more about.

Brochu plays Aurora Luft, a

Half Jewish-German, half French-Canadian, all warrior, sworn to tear down Fascism by whatever means necessary.

…now that’s a character summary.

She’s joined by four other recruits in training from Canada, the US, and Britain.

Today comes the first trailer, which I’ve embedded below. X Company begins airing its first season in Canada on February 18. Co-showrunner Mark Ellis (who also created the Toronto police drama Flashpoint with his wife Stephanie Morgenstern) has said that international sales will start in the new year.


If it lands on the right network, it could become a surprise international hit a’la Flashpoint, which found considerable success in the US. As a massive fan of Evelyne Brochu and stories about spies, you can bet that I can’t wait to watch this.


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