12 years pass by in a flash in this Boyhood featurette

“It’s this de-emphasis on the ‘big’ moments, the omission of the easy route of the first kiss, the first dance and the expounding on important realistions and abstract moments, changes in mind that everyone reaches that makes Linklater’s warts-and-all portrait of childhood so universal, so visceral, and so deeply personal. Why? Because not everyone experiences those moments that we’ve been led to believe by coming-of-age films, and if they do, they don’t happen in the Hollywood way. We do, however, remember those moments where we realise that our parents are actually humans, or when suddenly, the little things matter. That promise your dad made you when you were nine suddenly means the world. We don’t necesserarily remember the ‘big’ things, we remember what we see as important, which can turn out to be the oddest things. It’s like how I remember turning the radio on at the same time each day to hear Don’t Stop Moving by S Club 7, but not a whole lot about graduation, which was under a year ago.”

My Boyhood review

A major strength in Boyhood‘s Oscar campaign is how endlessly fascinating the production process is. It offers as much as the film itself to discuss, and is so unique that you can’t help but admire Linklater and co’s commitment. Today comes an incredibly moving featurette on the production of the film, which includes interviews and behind the scenes footage from each year of production.


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