The 15 Most Influential Fictional Characters of 2014

When 2014 is reflected upon in a few years, the character of Amy Dunne and what she symbolises about today’s society, is one that is going to be remembered without a doubt.
“In this age of seeing helicopter, ego stroking, high self-esteem parenting, where a specific, defining image of a child is plastered on the walls from the get go, where no boundaries are set and given a rude awakening when they reach the real world, building children up so unrealistically high, that is just a disaster waiting to happen in every shopping centre and on television, Amy Dunne is a nightmarish wake up call to the world, hitting us over the head with a question mark about why we place so much stock in completely unhealthy levels of self-esteem. ” – My review of Gone Girl (

“I think we are living in a narcissism epidemic. We’re encouraged to share our lives in a way that is presented as fun. But what it really means is that we end up editing them – we want to make it seem that we are more enviable, and having a better time, and going to more amazing parties than all our friends are. If you watch people taking photographs of each other now, you see that everyone is aware of the cameras in the room and everyone is aware of how they want to be seen, and immediately thinks, “Quick, change my expression, I don’t want to make that face for the camera.” But if you look at old albums from your parents’ or grandparents’ generation, there’s an amazing candour in people’s faces you just don’t get these days.” – Rosamund Pike


Welcome to TIME’s ranking of the onscreen figures that made the biggest impact on the news and our lives this year, for better and sometimes for worse. (See last year’s list here.)

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