New York Film Critics names their top films of the year, Boyhood wins big again

Richard Linklater’s Boyhood.

A trend is only a trend until it’s broken, as we were reminded today with the New York Film Critics’ Circle Awards. Usually, the awards like to throw a film not yet seen by many headlong into the race (they honoured Zero Dark Thirty in 2012 and American Hustle in 2013, both of which had December releases), awarding it the top prize, but today, they have awarded Boyhood, which was released back in July (or September in Australia), and has steadfastly stayed at the front of the conversation since. There’s a nice mixture of Oscar frontrunners and nominees that would never be awarded by the Oscars in here, including quiet, early year Weinstein release The Immigrant, and Australian film The Babadook (which failed to make much noise in Australia but is wow-ing critics and filmmakers in the US).  The winners are as follows:

Best Picture Boyhood

Best Director Richard LinklaterBOYHOOD

Best Screenplay The Grand Budapest Hotel

Best Actress Marion CotillardTHE IMMIGRANT, TWO DAYS, ONE NIGHT

Best Actor Timothy SpallMR. TURNER

Best Supporting Actress Patricia ArquetteBOYHOOD

Best Supporting Actor J.K. SimmonsWHIPLASH

Best Cinematographer Darius KhondjiTHE IMMIGRANT

Best Animated Film The LEGO Movie

Best Non-Fiction Film (Documentary) Citizenfour

Best Foreign Film Ida

Best First Film Jennifer KentTHE BABADOOK

Special Award Adrienne Mancia



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