For Your Golden Globe Consideration: Olivia Munn and Thomas Sadoski

At this point, it is getting ridiculous that at least two of the cast members of The Newsroom are not in the conversation to be possibly nominated for Golden Globes in a few weeks time.

Olivia Munn and Thomas Sadoski, playing economics genius Sloan Sabbith and producer Don Keefer, respectively, have always been amongst the stand outs on a show that is a showcase for actors, like any Aaron Sorkin vehicle. However, in the first two seasons, their characters were always much more in the background that they have been thus far in this final stint of episodes, making it quite easily for their endless list of excellent scenes both together and separately to fly under the radar of recognition.

From the first episode, I’ve loved everything about The Newsroom. It’s always entertaining, well written, expertly acted, and is just a blissful showcase of all of Sorkin’s best talents. Also, lets be honest, there was nothing more satisfying than watching the episodes back when I was studying Economics in high school and knowing what Sloan was talking about. But one of the most beautiful things to have witnessed on this show is Olivia Munn just continue to knock it out of the park week after week, along with Thomas Sadoski, defying any expectation and showing the world that she is a truly incredible actress. Sorkin, thankfully, has foregrounded them in these final few episodes, letting their talents and that incredible chemistry that was first hinted at in the final episode of season 1, in one of the best scenes of the whole show, come out in full force.

Together they bicker, they banter, they ‘test’ each other by telling the other that they’re in love with them. It’s hilarious, perfect, and their relationship has been one of the biggest surprises of the show. By themselves, Sadoski is charming, sarcastic, and effortless, also able to emphasise Don’s insecurity, making a potentially one-dimensional character well-rounded; and Munn is like a firecracker, positively leaping off the screen with endless energy and passion, leaping from line-to-line of Sorkin dialogue like it’s the most natural thing in the world, larger than life but internalised. They are never overstated, which is also probably why they’ve gone unnoticed.

Whether together or apart, they’re frequently the standouts in each episode. When all is said and done in 3 weeks time, what will The Newsroom be remembered for? Will it be remembered as that show that got constantly bashed until the last 6 episodes, the show that Jeff Daniels won a surprise Emmy for? At this point, I can only hope it is remembered for the work Munn and Sadoski finally seem to be getting some attention for.

Sorkin, you’re on the clock more than ever.


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