The Barden Bellas are back…first trailer for Pitch Perfect 2

Having graduated from high school just last year, I was around a bunch of teenagers in the thick of the Pitch Perfect mania. I loved the film as much as the next person, it was a somewhat refreshing and hilarious offering, but, let me tell you, after hearing people constantly quote it in every conversation for a whole year, I was a bit over it.

Arriving today is the trailer for the sequel to the somewhat surprise hit from back in 2012 (its budget was only $17 million, and it made $13 mil in Australia alone) . Like many films revolving around a competition, it’s a ‘next stop: world’ type thing, with all the characters from the first installment, in addition to a few new ones (including Hailee Steinfeld), entering into an international championship that no American team has won. Elizabeth Banks, who had a hilarious bit-part in the original film and is back again in the sequel, is directing. While we really don’t need another one of these (but, then again, have we ever needed most sequels?), I really enjoyed the first one, so I’ll be there.


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