Photo(s) of the day

Xavier Dolan’s Mommy (January 23 via. Roadside Attractions in the US [December 12 qualifying run in LA], early 2015 via. Sharmill Films in Australia) is unquestionably on track to becoming far and away the most successful film yet of the 25 year old directors’ career. Breaking box office records in Quebec and garnering an impressive amount of attention outside of cinephile circles, it’s a sure-fire frontrunner for Best Foreign Language film next year. Having very much the same colour palette as his emotional and visually arresting Laurence Anyways (which I loved but feel I need to sit on for a few years in order to fully understand. Astonishing for a film made by a director who was 22 at the time), it looks every bit as vibrant and bold, which is something fully evident in these beautiful posters above for the Korean release of the film which hit the internet a few days ago. In the days of increasingly bland and lazy poster design, these are excellent.


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