Latest obsession: 8tracks

I don’t know whether it’s some kind of pent up creative energy or having major fandom feels at the moment from having Orphan Black on in the background while writing assignments, but man, I’m obsessed with 8tracks, which lets you create playlists. I’ve listened to many a mix on here before, but yesterday, for some reason, I felt like making an Orphan Black one (a Cosima and Delphine one, to be specific). So I did, and it was super fun. I’m quite proud of it actually.

This morning I finished a Take This Waltz one that I had been tossing around in my head for a year. Damn it, now I just want to watch Take This Waltz for the millionth time.

To be honest, I have nearly 0 knowledge of music. I mostly hear songs in films and then chase them down, or from listening to other mixes on 8tracks. The only artist I really religiously listen to is Sara Bareilles (and when I say religiously, I mean religiously). But, regardless of my limited knowledge, I definitely have a nice databank of songs that make me think of certain people or couples from TV and films. It’s like a tidal wave, now I can’t stop thinking of ideas for more! Hahaha.


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