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 Welcome to the first installment of Freedom Friday! This is a chance for me to just talk about the things that I love and have thought about that are vaguely film-related in the past week, because…why not? I love talking about the things that make me happy and inspire me. Enjoy the madness that is my brain and the things that I love. This idea was inspired by Sati’s awesome Rambling Friday feature. 

  • Uni has termed this week to be mid-semester break. Except, we had week 10 last week. There’s 13 weeks in a semester. It’s more late semester here’s-your-holiday-to-try-get-some-stuff-done-without-class-break. Go figure. However, one week of not having a class on Friday afternoon is excellent, and it’s given me the opportunity to think about some stuff, like next year and giving this blog a bit of a makeover and less of a portfolio and more of a living, breathing (except not really) thing that is more a reflection of myself, in between trying to get everything done well.

  • Break had the best possible start ever, I couldn’t have crafted it even better if I tried – Monday morning, the media screening of Gone Girl happened. Yeah, movie gods, you win, good job. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen that my excitement for this has been at pretty much boiling point all year long (like, counting down the months type excited).
  • It’s a bloody (ha) terrifying, disgusting, and nasty film. I was leaping out of my seat in some parts, I was genuinely scared, but man, did I love it. I don’t think  I’ve ever wanted to simultaneously scrub a film from my eyes and watch it again before. It’s incredibly brisk, that worrying 2.5 hour runtime goes like a breeze, and is just so delicious you just can’t look away no matter how horrifying it is. And of course, Rosamund Pike. Phwoar, now that’s a ballsy, amazing, demanding performance, and quite the character to be given to play with. I somehow wrote a 2500 word review/essay/spoiler/ramble/whatever on the film here (if only writing assignments were that easy).
  • One of the best parts about Gone Girl’s release and publicity, however, is that Rosamund FINALLY gets the role and attention she deserves. She’s been working for a longggg time, in both low and big budget films, dramas, comedies and fantasy, building up quite the diverse filmography, and she always gives it her all, her performances are always a high point, bringing out something else that is deeper inside the character. Someone line up another leading role for her, please.
  • Some of my favourite performances of hers are also in some films that I adore: 
  • Plus, she has pretty much the most lovely name and voice ever (Rosamund Mary Elizabeth Pike? That’s just like, guaranteed worldwide success in some field right there).
  • It also means she gets to be on a bunch of talk shows, which is excellent because I love hearing her talk, she’s so funny and laidback, which, as she talks about, something people don’t really expect. Since I’ve seen the film now, I’ve been sifting through all the interviews and articles I can find. She seems like a really nice person, and has had a super interesting life.
  • Ok, I won’t use awesome anymore, Rosamund.
  • This is a few months old, but it’s the perfect time to bring it back.

  • “Pike packed her bags for Los Angeles last summer just four days after receiving her role-of-a-lifetime offer. She started to cry just as she left her London flat. It’s a memory she’s forgotten until her 2.5-hour interview with Variety. “I was unbelievably excited and unbelievably scared,” says Pike, who didn’t even get to tell her friends about the opportunity until she arrived at Heathrow Airport. “You suddenly feel so small. I thought, ‘I’m embarking on this thing I’ve always wanted.’ ” Her voice cracks. “I’m going to cry now,” she says, as her eyes well up. “Someone is giving me that chance, which is something I’ve wanted since I’ve been a tiny girl.”” – Variety
  • Ok, I’m going to go cry now because of that last one…
  • Get thee to the Dolby I say, I think I’ve found the first contender for my favourite lead actress performance of 2014. At least it’s very possible she’s actually going to win, and I won’t be frustrated at the whole system like last year again… Can’t wait for her to breathe some life into this awards season and get some much needed accolades. Let the #Pikemania continue 😛
  • Ella (@_pingus)   Twitter
    On a complete other note, the newspaper published this last Wednesday. What the hell? Like, guys, she was even in an Australian film. Google, at least.
  • We finally got Orphan Black season 2 on DVD and I’ve been watching it relatively quicker than I usually watch a TV show, because it’s so darn good (also because after watching Cafe de Flore I want to watch everything with Evelyne Brochu in it. Can someone please release Tom At the Farm here, I’m sorry I missed it at BIFF last year)
  • Except I keep flip-flopping between liking and disliking Delphine. Like, come on, I get you want to help Cosima BUT STOP DOUBLE CROSSING AARGH
  • I need this right now.
  • I don’t think I even need to start to explain how excited I am for this and the fact that THERE’S FINALLY A TRAILER. Why does it have to be February 5 here though? 😦

  • I watched Xavier Dolan’s I Killed My Mother yesterday, and posted a short review. It wasn’t my favourite, it got super repetitive, but watching a filmmakers’ style morph and change is always interesting, and I’m still darn excited for Mommy, which is getting released here early next year.
  • I’m still obsessed with Boyhood, of course, and my mum found this blog post about why the author likes Richard Linklater, and it’s pretty excellent, especially when talking about how perfection is overrated, totally unrealistic, and creates things that don’t really ‘belong’ to us. To quote Ethan Hawke  “What are we doing, an ad? We’re playing human begins here”. Well said sir.
  • The lady who wrote the article wrote out the Ethan Hawke quote and stuck it in her kitchen. I think I might have to print this out, it’s a lovely reminder and is super colourful.
  • And finally, this isn’t film related in any way, shape or form, but my mum also found this last night and I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time. My favourite one is the one in the blue buttondown.
  • Happy Friday everyone! Now all go see Gone Girl, and wish me luck for trying to break through assignment writing block in the next week. I’ll try to remember that perfection is sometimes overrated (except when trying to get High Distinctions, perhaps).
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