Action’s character.

I’ve been thinking about one of my favourite films today. You’ve most likely heard of it. It’s called An Education, and stars Carey Mulligan, one of my favourite people ever. It’s one I saw fairly soon after its original release back in 2009, and has only gotten better as I’ve gotten older.

This afternoon, while I’ve been sitting here, writing an assignment that I hope is going to read as well as I want it to, looking at my poster of it and listening to the film in the background (any time I think about it I kind of have to watch it, it’s that sort of film) with a massive, stupid smile on my face, I’ve been reminded of why I love it so. It’s joyful, it draws you in, and most importantly, it gets something about the final year of high school I haven’t seen anywhere else. It’s on TV tonight, SBS at 8:30. If you haven’t seen it, please tune in. It will brighten up your day.


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