Chef (2014)

“You’re trending, bro.”

Warning: another food metaphor-laden review ahead.

It starts with the bread. The base, the set up. Then comes the mustard and pickles, the spicy, tangy catalyst for the events of the film, the conflict. But then comes the meat, substantial and bringing balance. Finally, the cheese. It’s warm, familiar, and is bound to please.

The formula of Chef is as measured as a recipe for a beloved, popular dish – its been done numerous times before, and doesn’t bring anything new, but always pleases, regardless of repeats. It’s possibly one of the most transparently autobiographical films to grace the screen this year (just fill in any mildly creative profession and you’re there), but with a combination of great writing and fun performances with great chemistry, Chef creates an infectiously enjoyable atmosphere.

There’s something so inherently warm about culinary films that makes them failsafe and infectiously likeable (definitely the presence of mouth-watering food helps), and by choosing this subject matter, Favreau has created an excellent crowd-pleaser. Chef is like a good meal at the end of a hard day – it makes the rest of a possibly lacklustre day worth it. Favreau’s film comes at a perfect time in the film release calendar, serving as a refreshing palate cleanser, cutting through all the mediocre.

Rating: 4/5


Chef received a wide release on May 8.

M (frequent coarse language), 114 mins.



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