Tracks (2014)

Homegrown films tend to get a poor reception from us Down Under. Because of multiple political and historical factors that render us unable to produce the Next Big Thing, we often find ourselves bound to a few tried and true genres – ‘culturally significant’ period pieces that can moonlight as tourism campaigns, comedies featuring at least one mildly entertaining Aussie personality, and hard-hitting social dramas that make for anything but a fun night out at the cinema. And horror movies. (And they wonder why we don’t see Australian films.)

Tracks may have all the superficial markings of our national tourism board’s next marketing strategy, but it is a film that mercifully avoids all of the trappings of one of our usual exercises in patriotism. It’s a beautifully realised piece of filmmaking, telling a remarkable story that will hopefully be wholeheartedly embraced by audiences both close to home and abroad.

Read my full review at Cheated Hearts.


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