Classification Update: February 17-21, 2014

Each Monday I’ll be updating you with the latest classification decisions from the Australian Classification Board.

Although it’s another week of not much action on the theatrical release front, there are a few exciting DVD/VOD release details of some films that are finally making their way to Australia. Firstly, and one of the lone cinema releases (aside from 300: Rise of an Empire and Pompeii, the latest big budget studio offerings), is the Oscar nominated Ernest & Celestine (out April 3), which I personally can’t wait to see, along with Cutie and the Boxer, also nominated for an Oscar, which I saw at BIFF last year and adored.

Additionally, there’s the Kevin Macdonald helmed adaptation of How I Live Now, which I caught on a flight a month back and personally didn’t like much; timely television movie Schapelle, which aired a few weeks ago and didn’t make much of a splash in regards to ratings; Alliance Francaise French Film Festival offering Folies Bergere; the box office smash that’s nearing $1 billion, Frozen; Paul Potts biopic One Chance, a very cute film which I saw late last year; and what sounds like a very hard MA for the long-awaited Nurse (billed as Nurse 3D in the US).

There are four very interesting stories this week though. The first of which is Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake, which failed critically and commercially overseas and bypassed its slated theatrical release here. I would love to give it a chance at some point, so it’s good to see it’s finally becoming available here. Secondly is the recently announced uncut version of Anchorman 2, which is getting a cinema release in the States but going straight to DVD here. I haven’t seen either of the Anchorman films, but I would maybe like to check them out at some point. The most exciting piece of news for me though is Violet & Daisy, which stars Saoirse Ronan and is the directorial debut of Oscar winning screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher. It took two years to get a release in the States after playing at the Toronto Film Festival back in 2011 and has got some very mixed reviews, but the description of it being a hybrid of Wes Anderson and Quentin Tarantino is enough to get me interested, as it looks like a very intriguing film.

Finally, definitely the most interesting piece of news this week is a classification for a censored version of The Wolf of Wall Street, which, by the looks of it, has been done for playing on Qantas flights. This was a pretty inevitable event, given the fact it’s smashing box office records in Australia, but since it’s 12 minutes shorter than the theatrical cut, what would have they taken out, exactly? It would be hilarious if the airplane scene got cut…

300 Rise of an Empire MA for string bloody violence and sex scene. DCP/DCP 3D.

Aaha Kalyanam PG for mild coarse language and sex scene. DCP.

AE: Apocalypse Earth M for science fiction themes and violence. DVD.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues MA for strong coarse language. DVD.

Cottage County MA for strong violence. DVD.

Cutie and the Boxer PG for mild nudity and infrequent coarse language. DVD.

Ernest & Celestine PG for mild themes. DVD for public exhibition.

Folies Bergere M for coarse language and drug use. DCP.

Free Ride M for themes, frequent coarse language and drug use. DVD.

Frozen PG for some scenes may scare very young children. Blu-Ray.

Gardening with Soul G. DCP.

Generation Iron M for coarse language. DVD.

Highway MA for strong violence. DCP.

How I Live Now MA for strong coarse language and violence. DVD.

Ice Soldiers M for mature themes, violence and nudity. DVD.

Ishq Brandy PG for mild violence and coarse language. DVD for public exhibition.

Khumba PG for some scary scenes and mild coarse language. DVD.

The Legend of Hercules M for violence. DCP.

Lygon Street – Si Parla Italiano MA for strong coarse language. DVD.

Mandela M for mature themes and violence. DVD.

Need for Speed M for mature themes. DCP.

Nurse MA for strong violence, sexualised violence, blood and gore and sex scenes. DVD.

Oldboy MA for strong violence, sex scenes, themes and coarse language. DVD for Blu-Ray.

One Chance PG for mild coarse language, violence and sexual references. DVD.

The Pa Boys M for coarse language. Blu-Ray for public exhibition.

Pompeii M for violence. DVD.

Scarecrow MA for strong horror themes and violence. DVD.

Schapelle M for drug references, coarse language and brief nudity. DVD.

The Seasoning House R18+ for high impact violence and sex scenes. DVD.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty PG for mild themes, action violence, sexual references and coarse language. DVD/DVD for Blu-ray.

Shadowland PG for mild drug use and nudity. Blu-Ray.

Someone Marry Barry MA for strong crude humour and coarse language. DVD.

The Spectacular Now M for mature themes, sex scenes and coarse language. DVD.

Starting Over Again M for sex scene. DCP.

The Third Half M for mature themes, violence, coarse language and sex scene. DVD.

Unchartered Waters M for coarse language, mature themes and drug references. DVD.

Unbeatable M for mature themes and violence. DVD.

Violet & Daisy MA for strong coarse language. DVD.

Walking with Dinosaurs the Movie PG for some scary scenes. Blu-Ray 3D/DVD/Blu-Ray.

The Wolf of Wall Street MA for frequent strong coarse language and drug use. DVD.


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