Endless Love (2014)

Romance movies typically aren’t my thing. Sure, I can sit down and enjoy The Notebook or Crazy Stupid Love as much as the next person, but I like to think that my standards are above sitting down to any generic melodrama or romcom. Maybe I don’t like being reminded that I’m perennially single. Maybe I just don’t enjoy films with all the originality of a kid’s colouring book. Whatever it is, they’re normally not for me.

So – understandably – my expectations for Endless Love weren’t too crash hot. A remake of an 80s trash movie, starring dreary heartthrob Alex Pettyfer and real life aristocrat (look it up) Gabriella Wilde sounds like multiple different kinds of painful.

But I have a confession.

I… kinda… almost… sort of… liked it.

Read my full review at Cheated Hearts.


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