Short Term 12 (2013)

Short Term 12 begins with a story, the first of many stories that we hear across its humble 96-minute runtime. This particular story is about Mason (John Gallagher Jr.), who’s telling new staff member Nate (Rami Malek) about his second day on the job at Short Term 12 – he was on gate duty, and was tasked with doggedly following an AWOL kid all day in the hopes of bringing him back, while the tacos he’d had for lunch were doing toxic things to his insides. Grace (Brie Larson) shakes her head at his exaggerated storytelling. The story ends with Mason quite literally shitting his pants as he steps off of a bus, and the kid returning with him for the sole purpose of recounting the story.

Mason’s storytelling is interrupted by a lanky redheaded kid – Sammy (Alex Calloway) – bursting through the doors and sprinting towards the gate in his underwear. Everyone springs into action after him and holds him down as he ‘de-escalates’. Mason jokes that his distance might just be a new record.

This is a normal day.

Read my full review at Cheated Hearts.


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