Classification Update: January 27 – 31, 2014.

Each Monday I’ll be updating you with the latest classification decisions from the Australian Classification Board. 

Not a whole lot today in an update filled with DVD ratings.

Adam Rodgers’s feature debut Just One Day (known as At Middleton in the US, where it’s receiving a limited release starting January 31) that stars Andy Garcia, and sisters Vera and Taissa Farmiga as mother and daughter, appears to be going direct to DVD with an M rating. There’s also a DVD rating for Sundance smash hit Fruitvale Station, which received a very limited theatrical release at the end of last year, so hopefully more people can see it soon. Additionally, there’s a Blu Ray rating for for the Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall thriller Closed Circuit, which underperformed in the US and got a limited theatrical release in late 2013; an unsurprising MA rating for war film Lone Survivor, which has played to surprisingly high box office receipts in the US, slated to be released on February 20; TIFF 2013 closer Life of Crime; and what seems to be a re-release of the 1972 Roman Polanski documentary Weekend of a Champion that played at Cannes in 2013.

10 Days to Destruction M for mature themes, violence, and coarse language. DVD.

Age of Dinosaurs MA for strong violence. DVD.

Alter Egos MA for strong violence, sex scene. DVD.

Assumed Killer M for mature themes and violence. DVD.

The Big Picture: The Films of Charles Chauvel PG for mild violence and nudity. DVD.

Blue Exorcist- The Movie M for supernatural themes and animated violence. DVD.

Bride for Rent G. DCP.

Chicago: Diamond Edition M for violence and mature themes. DVD.

Closed Circuit M for violence and coarse language. Blu-Ray.

Cycling with Moliere M for coarse language and sexual references. DVD.

Fruitvale Station M for violence, coarse language, and drug use. DVD.

Just One Day M for drug use, coarse language and a sex scene. DVD.

Life of Crime MA for strong sex scenes. DCP.

Lone Survivor MA for strong bloody violence and coarse language. DCP.

Monkey King 3D M for fantasy violence. DCP 3D.

Son of Morning M for mature themes, coarse language, drug references, and nudity. DVD.

Thor: The Dark World M for action violence. Blu-Ray.

Weekend of a Champion PG for mild coarse language. DVD.



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